161106 BTS Gimpo Fansign – Suga

Q: Taehyung in Yoongi-oppa’s heart is? >ㅂ<

➀ A noisy dongsaeng ✓
➁ A cute fool from the same hometown as me ✓
➂ The type that girls would definitely like
➃ Other

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161106 BTS Gimpo Fansign – V

Q: BTS’ famous actor, Kim Taehyung-ssi~~ If Taehyung becomes a movie director… Which member would you cast?

A: Jimin.

Q: And which genre of movie would you film?

A: Film noir. (mystery and crime films shot in black & white)

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161106 BTS Gimpo Fansign – Jin

Q: You will guest on “Law Of The Jungle”!? I’ll pray for Jin-nim’s clear skin to not get bitten by bad insects. Please draw a cute insect here.

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161106 BTS Yongsan Fansign – V

Q: What do you save Jungkook’s number as in your phone? Please write something that can give me strength ♡

A: Maknae.

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161106 BTS Gimpo Fansign
Q: What has changed in you after the “Blood, Sweat & Tears” promotion?

Seokjin: I live happily.

Yoongi: Age??

Namjoon: Side hair.

Hoseok: Sexy +10

Jimin: You came.

Taehyung: Pride?

Jungkook: I’m more mature.

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