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Level up BTS fancafe for mobile users 2018

CREATE ACCOUNT FOR DAUM: Step 1: access: by your phone browser. Then find the “triple row” as thr picture below: Step 2: choose 로그인을 해주세요 (log in) Step 3: choose 회원가입 as picture below Step 4: there are 2 option to register for DAUM account: Register with KakaoTalk ( 카카오계정으로 간편 가입) Register with phone number (휴대폰 번호로 가입 ) ← we will guide you with this way as not every of you use kakaotalk right? Step 5: Tick both boxes as the picture below to agree with all Term and condition then click Agree (big blue button...

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[Tutorial] Make a Daum account, Join Fancafe BTS, Level up BTS fancafe on Pc/Laptop

CREATE DAUM ACCOUNT: Step 1: Access: Step 2: Tick both blue box as the picture below to agree every Term and Condition, then choose AGREE (the big blue button in KOREA as the picture below. Step 3: Input your information, verified code will be sent to your phone number that you fill in: After you finish the above step, lead you to the page as below. You are done creating Daum account JOIN BTS FANCAFE Step 1: Access: Step 2: Log in by your account that you have just made above, then click the box as in picture below:...

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