So-called Dispatch’s BTS pride (bang-boo-sim)…It originated from both Eastern and Western common proverb that says, “Seeing is believing.”
Actually, we didn’t get to know them properly in the beginning. Idol reporting belonged to k-pop specialized reporters only, in other words, BTS was just one of them.
However, we believe it now. We were actually at the hottest spot when it all happened. Billboard, and the AMAs. We witnessed with our two eyes, and heard it with our two ears.
“Billboard saved BTS?” No, BTS saved Billboard. 90% of red carpet fandom was world ARMYs.
“AMAs helped promoting BTS?” No, BTS hyped up AMAs. Their performance stage got 20M retweets, thus even made it to Guinness World Records.
The popularity of BTS was real. The episodes we are about to unfold, is also real.

EPISODE 1 – “The fact that we could have our own concert” That itself makes us happy.
Whoever could have predicted the enormous event that was about to happen? Even one year ago, all seemed simple. RM spoke to us. “We are finally having a concert at Go-Cheok dome. We will show our very best stage.” BTS was excited. Jimin was too. He seemed ecstatic just to be on stage, “The fact that we can do our own concert, that itself makes us happy. We are practicing with a goal of showing you more awesome stage.”

Jungkook anticipated, “We are so looking forward to our concert this time. We feel more relaxed than the last tour. This will be our time to communicate more to our fans.”
Suga focused, “There’s a lot to look through when it comes to working with band. We need to work and balance out every details. Our goal is to finish our concert without making mistakes.
No one, not even one person foresaw the phenomenal things that were about to happen. That was only a year ago. Yes. They were giving their all to carry on their present assignment. Three months later, they flew to Las Vegas. The place where Billboard Music Awards happened.

Source: Dicon, Dispatch magazine | Engtrans: @glitter_jk