Step 1: access: by your phone browser. Then find the “triple row” as thr picture below:

Step 2: choose 로그인을 해주세요 (log in)

Step 3: choose 회원가입 as picture below

Step 4: there are 2 option to register for DAUM account:
Register with KakaoTalk ( 카카오계정으로 간편 가입)
Register with phone number (휴대폰 번호로 가입 ) ← we will guide you with this way as not every of you use kakaotalk right?

Step 5: Tick both boxes as the picture below to agree with all Term and condition then click Agree (big blue button at the end of the page):

Step 6: create ID and password:

Step 7:
-Fill in your name
-Your phone number
-CODE will be sent to your phone number above
-Your email address

Step 8: if you get the picture as below, means you are success with creating DAUM account


Step 1:open DAUM, find “triple row” and choose “log in:

Step 2: log in your DAUM account you have just created above

Step 3: Choose FIND A CAFE

Step 4: now your find 방탄소년단

Step 5: choose JOIN

Step 6: fill i the nick name that you want to use (you can use whatever nick name you want, just dont make it as your ID), then click JOIN

Step 7: If you get the picture as below, you are success with joining BTS fancafe


Step 1: choose “triple row” as picture below:

Step 2: roll down to see the categories that are circled with red as below:
등업신청_공지 is Register to level up_notification (this is where staff will post the question)
등업신청_정회원 (정회원_등업신청) is Register to level up_ official level up (where you answer the question from staff)
정회원_등업확인 is Official member_level up confirmation (where you check whether you are level up or not)
등업질문건의 is Queries about the level up (you can ask other ARMY here for help 🙂

Step 3: Choose “등업신청_공지” every Friday ( Korean calendar). Then you will see this, click category as below
You will see the post from BTS STAFF as below. You have to answer these questions correctly to level up (the question will be changed every week)

How to answer the questions?

You will answer the question from staff at “등업신청_정회원” Currently, Staff only open this category on Friday and Saturday, Sunday and will block this post on Mon, Tues, Wed, Thur (means you can only answer the questions on Fri, Sat and Sun after 2 weeks).
After you found 등업신청_정회원 then choose WRITE:

Step 3: Write down your answer for the questions in “content” as below. (question number 5 and 6 will be answer by comment right below the answer post, they are pictures of your streamings – you can have a look at this link ← this is the instruction from staff to answer the question 5 and 6).
After answering questions, you have to locked your answer, unless staff will not review and approve your answers.
Then you have to wait for the approving process from staff.

If you get the picture as below, means you already locked the answer.


There are several ways to check your level:
Find here, click on your fance name.

There are 2 situation here:
1. Successfully level up: if your level is up, you will see the world “정회원

2. Failed level up: if you are not approved to be level up, it will appear “준회원”:

B. Other way to check level:
Step 1: Find 정회원_등업확인

Step 2: Choose SEARCH:

Step 3: fill in your fancafe name (note: caplock or not)

Step 4: click POST → choose WRITER